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Wonderful Bali - 7 Days 6 Nights Itinerary
Tanah Lot Temple, Bali. Photographed by Sister Bear. We first visited Bali in Year 2004, when Brother Bear was still a little baby. We decided to ...
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How to dress right and enjoy the winter?
There is no right or wrong timing for traveling, only wrong clothing worn at the wrong time. I find this saying to be true to some extent, as all sea...
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The Sparkling Snowy Korea (14 Days 13 Nights Itinerary)
Kids did not have enough of snow from our last New Zealand trip in June (read more of our New Zealand self drive trip here). Since we had got all our...
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Beautiful China - Xiamen 厦门 (Gulangyu 鼓浪屿)
The highest peak of Gulangyu. A visit to Xiamen would not complete without setting foot into Gulangyu (鼓浪屿). Gulangyu is an island in Xiamen, ...
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Beautiful China - Xiamen 厦门 (Huandao Road 环岛路 - Nanputuo Temple 南普陀寺 - Xiamen University 厦大)
Huandao Road a.k.a Island Ring Road (环岛路), Nanputuo Temple (南普陀寺) and Xiamen University (厦大) are among the top must do attractions i...
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Beautiful China - Xiamen 厦门 (Zhongsan Road 中山路 and Zhongsan Park 中山公园)
Xiamen (厦门) is a coastal city in Fujian province in China. It has been an important port for centuries and became one of China's earliest Special...
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Beautiful China - Nanjing Fujian Tulou (福建土楼, 南靖县)
We allocated one day to visit Fujian Tulou (福建土楼) in the county of Nanjing (南靖县), which is listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Si...
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Beautiful China - Chaozhou (潮州)
Year end exam was over and the schools had requested for kids to return all textbooks, which spelled school's out, well, almost.... :) So I made a de...
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Marvellous New Zealand - Day 14 & 15 (Queenstown-Auckland-Kuala Lumpur)
We woke up early as we had to catch the 9.30am flight back to Auckland, it was almost the end of our marvellous New Zealand holidays. Papa Bear read...
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Welcome to my blog! It was a travelogue to document all our travels with our 3 beautiful kids (Brother Bear, Sister Bear and Baby Bear).  Papa Bear and I love travelling.

Having kids does not stop us from doing so, as when we travel as a family, we gain more and together we make sweet memories to be cherished forever.

Oh yes, the blog has now evolved to a more MOM's site, as I realise there are so much more things about parenthood which I wish to share with other parents. So here you go, my humble blog - :) 

Why being just a mom is just AMAZING?

Because mom is a title just above QUEEN. :)

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