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A Short Getaway to Ipoh, Perak - Nan Tian Tong
Nan Tian Tong Taoist Temple (Cave of the Southern Sky) is located in between Sam Poh Tong Cave and Ling Sen Tong Cave. Legend says it was discovered ...
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A Short Getaway to Ipoh, Perak - The Haven
The kids had a week off from school on the last week of March. As usual, we will Cuti-Cuti Malaysia for a short break like this. I tried to book for...
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A Visit to Logos Hope - World's Largest Floating Book Fair
After reading from friends' blogs and Facebook status updates that the crowd is average only even on weekend, we decided to bring the kids to visit Lo...
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A Wonderful Day at Bentong Farm Sanctuary
I first read about Bentong Farm Sanctuary from a blog written by a wonderful mother who loves to do outdoor activities/special projects with her kids....
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Penang Trip (12 August 2011) - Part 1
Finally, it's Friday. It's a special Friday for all of us, as we were going to spend our 3 days 2 nights holiday in Hard Rock Hotel Penang. I had pa...
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Penang Trip (12 August 2011) - Part 2 - Entering Penang!!!
Woohoo, finally, we would be crossing the Penang Bridge. Penang Bridge touched my heart each time I passed by here - maybe I'm proud that we have suc...
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Penang Trip (12 August 2011) - Part 3 - Hard Rock really Rocks!!! :)
We reached the hotel and the kids were so excited, as Hard Rock Hotel Penang really rocked that fun music was played at the lobby, staff were so frien...
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Penang Trip (12 August 2011) - Final Part - Teluk Bahang Fishing Village
We had a late check-out at 2pm. That was after a fun, fun, fun filled swim under the rain. The hotel didn't order to close the pool since there was ...
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Our Holiday in Hanoi, Vietnam - Part 1
Picture taken from 20th floor of Melia Hotel, Hanoi. It was misty and cold! We flew from LCCT, KLIA via Air Asia to Hanoi, Vietnam for our year end ...
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Welcome to my blog! It was a travelogue to document all our travels with our 3 beautiful kids (Brother Bear, Sister Bear and Baby Bear).  Papa Bear and I love travelling.

Having kids does not stop us from doing so, as when we travel as a family, we gain more and together we make sweet memories to be cherished forever.

Oh yes, the blog has now evolved to a more MOM's site, as I realise there are so much more things about parenthood which I wish to share with other parents. So here you go, my humble blog - :) 

Why being just a mom is just AMAZING?

Because mom is a title just above QUEEN. :)

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