Penang Trip (12 August 2011) - Part 3 - Hard Rock really Rocks!!! :)
Sunday, April 13, 2014

We reached the hotel and the kids were so excited, as Hard Rock Hotel Penang really rocked that fun music was played at the lobby, staff were so friendly and the SWIMMING POOL was WITHIN SIGHT from the lobby! Look at picture below, how many kids could resist this and could calmly wait for check-in procedures to be done? They wanted to jump into the pool immediately!

The lagoon pool with water slides

As we booked the Kings Suite, so we were brought to level 6 by its friendly staff who would then greet me by my name each time he saw me (amazing!). We had our welcome drinks and checking-in was a breeze that I just sat at the couch waiting comfortably, while kids getting more anxious as they looked down from the window on how much fun they would soon have. :)

Another side of the pool.

We were so 'faithful' that we didn't go out from the hotel at all after we had checked in. LOL On the first day, kids spent 4 and a half hours in the pool (from 2.30pm until 7pm). On the second day, kids spent the whole day in the pool. They just came up for 3 hours break in between for a quick shower, snack at the lounge and Papa Bear and I napped for awhile in the room and they continued to have fun in the pool again. Fun for them and it's a battle for us being dry chili under the hot sun. :P We did join them every now and then, but we could not beat their energy level. :)

The sand pool which is toddler/kids friendly.

What most kids like the most about the swimming pool will be the water slides I believe and I noticed adults like the slides too! :) Another thing which kids and parents with young children would appreciate is the shallow pool area which was filled with sand as shown in picture above. Kids were making castle and playing masak-masak (cooking game). :)

There were watersport activities available, which Papa Bear and cubs went for para-sailing.

The hotel gave us a very international feel, as there were people from all over the world who were all open minded and fun. Sister Bear made friends with some Caucasian and Korean kids, she even had a Korean name 'Tora' for just a day! LOL We really enjoyed our stay in Hard Rock Penang. The only thing is that we do hope they could offer more variety for the buffet dinner. The choices were so little for a 4 stars (or was it rated 5 stars?) hotel. Worse still, as a kids friendly hotel, the buffet had very limited choices for children, most of the dishes were spicy (since it was Ramadhan buka puasa buffet I guess), no ais kacang and no ice cream and no jelly as desserts. :( Anyway, it's good enough to fill your hungry stomach after one whole day at the pool though. I rate our overall stay as very good. :)


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