Penang Trip (12 August 2011) - Final Part - Teluk Bahang Fishing Village
Sunday, April 13, 2014

We had a late check-out at 2pm. That was after a fun, fun, fun filled swim under the rain. The hotel didn't order to close the pool since there was no sign of lightning and thunder. The kids (together with some other guests) continued to swim and play in the pool. The rain water hit on them was cold, but the pool water was very warm, and they felt better and warmer when they were in the water compared to when they were on the deck waiting for the rain to stop. We ordered chips and some drinks for the kids. It was really a very fun experience - something special they never experienced - swimming in the rain! LOL

Oh yes, our bill came to RM1550 for our 3 days 2 nights stay inclusive of food. Sister Bear asked if we could stay here every month, hohoho... :) Dad and mom need to work real hard, darling! :)

We checked out from the hotel at 2pm. All the staff who knew us during our stay shook hand with us wishing us good bye and good luck for my pregnancy and delivery. :) Very warm feeling indeed, what a special hotel. :) We then drove to Teluk Bahang fishing village, which was few kms away from Batu Feringghi. Papa Bear wanted the kids to see the life of a fisherman. We stopped by the jetty. It was afternoon and most fishermen had gone home, only a few were still there resting.

View from the jetty.

Dead crab and fish found on the ground.

From the jetty, we drove around looking for restaurant for late lunch. End of The World Seafood Restaurant was the only one which was still open at that hour. The food was good and the price is about KL seafood village price. We left for home after lunch and we stopped by along the way a few times for toilet break and tea break to keep Papa Bear feeling fresh. Everyone was so tired, but none of us slept in the car, we watched movie and chatted until we reached home safely. :)


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