Visiting Kota Kinabalu with Young Children - Part 1 - Flying
Friday, April 11, 2014

The giant Marlin Statue, at the waterfront, city centre of Kota Kinabalu, with Pulau Gaya in the background.

Papa Bear and I had just got back from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for a 5 days 4 nights trip, with Brother Bear (4.5 years old) and Sister Bear (18 months old) tagging along. We traveled via Airasia. We drove to LCCT and parked our car there, so that we would not have to queue and wait for taxi, which was much more convenient and stress free for family with young kids like us. The parking fee for 5 days 4 nights was about RM120, which actually came to almost the same if we were to hire airport taxi, which cost around RM60 for one way. Papa Bear and I felt that it's worth it to pay that little bit extra for the comfort which we are getting by traveling in our own car, our own leisure, etc... It proved us right, as our flight from KK to KL were delayed for almost 2 hours and we were all exhausted upon arrival at LCCT. The kids were both very happy to get to sit in papa's car, after a 'long' trip away from home. Best of all, no queue! :)

Flying by Air Asia is as comfortable as traveling by any full service airlines, except that you have to pay for the drinks or food you ordered. Airasia has set the 'no outside food' policy. Also, privilege of boarding the flight before the others are only applicable to old folks of 65 years old and above or you may actually pay a little bit extra for the 'express boarding pass'. I'm planning to write to Airasia officially suggesting them to consider revising their policy to allow family with young kids to have this privilege too.

Airasia practices free seating, first come first serve. With our 'clan', we needed the whole row to ourselves. We always boarded the flight later than the rest, but we were lucky to have kind young people who were willing to offer us the seats, so that we did not get separated. Also, a good tip for moms who fly with young babies: breastfeeding your baby during taking off and landing will help reducing ear pain.


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