A Wonderful Day at Bentong Farm Sanctuary
Monday, April 14, 2014

I first read about Bentong Farm Sanctuary from a blog written by a wonderful mother who loves to do outdoor activities/special projects with her kids. Her experience visiting the farm with her young kids attracted me so much, as we love natural, we love animals and we love outdoor activities as much. I know Brother Bear and Sister Bear will love visiting the farm. Hence without wasting much time, I Google more about the farm. From the Internet, I managed to get more information, such as phone number of the volunteer who runs the farm, direction to the farm and other must visit places in Bentong. You must read this blog for more information on the farm, which tells a little 'history' of the farm and it offers a clear direction on how to get there. :)


This is the signage in front of the entrance


I managed to get in touch with Shahrul, the lovely lady who takes charge of the farm. I spoke to her on the phone, telling her our plan and my heavily pregnant condition. Her words comforted me that she asked us to just come and enjoy! I was worried if the place isn't suitable for heavily pregnant mom like me, which requires lots of climbing or going through rough treks, etc... I could laugh out loud at my worries now as the place is so kids friendly and cosy!!! :)

We invited my god sister's kids (the 3 Js) to come along with us. So we have 5 (and a half) kids in tow. :P It was a beautiful Saturday morning and everyone woke up feeling fresh, as we all slept early the night before getting ready for THE day to visit the farm. LOL We first dropped Sister Bear for her ballet class and Papa Bear, Brother Bear and I then went shopping for commercial pet food and some groceries to be donated to the farm. The farm welcomes any contribution in kind such as commercial food for dogs and cats, food for turtles (can be commercial or vegetables such as kangkung or cabbage), dry food items for the farm such as rice, cooking oil, canned food, etc, clothes or bedding stuffs for the workers, etc...

We reached Bentong at 2pm and we headed for the very famous Kow Pow Ice Cream, which was once featured in The Star. Kids didn't seem to enjoy the ice cream much, as all 5 of them are sooooo looking forward to 'fly' to the farm! I really think that they hope they can fly in immediately without wasting much time. Anyway, here is the picture of the very famous home made ice cream. The price is RM2.80 per scoop and we ordered 2 scoops each for each kid. The cendol with one scoop of ice cream is around RM3.50 or so and the cucur is RM2.00 per plate. The cucur is very nice. The ice cream is averagely ok only to all of us. :) Sorry, Uncle Kow Pow, it's just us maybe! :)

It wasn't a very sunny day and we could see some black clouds in the sky. I led the kids praying that the sun will quickly come out, for the children want to have fun! Thank God for the sun. :) We reached the farm and kids started screaming excitedly, when they saw the dogs running towards our car and stood on their hind legs attaching their fronts legs to our car to greet us!


That's the lovely Shahrul and her dogs. The dogs were bullying the cow that Shahrul had to shout at them to leave the cow alone! LOL


The very beautiful lotus pond - this picture did not do judgement to how beautiful it actually was.


The cosy stream


We moved on to the turtle pond. We bought one big tub of commercial turtle food, which were greatly welcome by all the turtles. :P But the worker told us to bring fresh vegetables next time and don't have to spend on the expensive commercial turtle food. He could see that we love the place and know that we will surely make another trip back soon! :)


From the turtle pond, we walked to the goat pen. Kids were so excited that they went into the pen the feed the goat and not just from the outside of the fence.

After feeding the goat, we moved on to feed the cows. Moo.... Moo...

From the barnyard, we drove to the duck pond, which was quite a distance from the main farm area. We didn't spend much time at the duck pond, as there was lots of mozzies which we were all afraid of.

The kids were reluctant to go home and we then allowed them to spend another 30 minutes in the farm. The girls went back to the turtle pond while the boys went back to the goat pen. While Papa Bear was near the goat pen, a durian fell from the tree and Shahrul told us to bring it home. She also asked her co-workers to find more 'durian runtuh' for us and all in we went back with 4 durians! :)

We stopped by the Kolam Air Panas, which was few kms away from the farm. We stayed just for awhile at the hotspring, as the water was firstly too deep for the kids and the pool was very slippery as it was full of algae. The changing room and toilet were not well maintained at all - it was without light, door couldn't be locked and it was smelly too. Hope the authority will do something about it and I believe it will bring more visitors to Bentong.

Note: Written in October 2011


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