A Visit to Logos Hope - World's Largest Floating Book Fair
Tuesday, April 15, 2014

After reading from friends' blogs and Facebook status updates that the crowd is average only even on weekend, we decided to bring the kids to visit Logos Hope today, which is Sunday, instead of weekdays.

If you have not known yet, Logos Hope is the world’s largest floating book fair, featuring more than 5,000 affordable titles. It has berthed at the Port Klang Cruise Centre and will be open to the public from 29 Sept to 23 Oct. It is an opportunity not to be missed as it last visited Malaysia in 2006. Besides offering visitors a chance to experience the floating library first-hand, visitors will also get a chance to interact with the ship’s multi-cultural and very friendly crew.

We stopped by Spring Golden Restaurant in Shah Alam for a wonderful lunch and then headed straight to Port Klang Cruise Centre. The centre collected a small parking fee of RM3 per entry per car. We then walked towards the building. There were some stalls selling food (KFC - yes, KFC has its stall there selling prepacked meal, doughnuts, etc...), clothes and some other souvenirs.

To board the ship, there were 3 stretches of queue which we had to go through. First queue, to enter boarding bay. Waiting time was about 10 minutes in an air-conditioned hall - not too bad. We then walked through the jetty as shown in picture below.

Just a short walking distance, we reached the ticker counter. It's only RM1 per entry per adult. Children below 12 is free. The queue to buy the ticket was very short too - we were very lucky to reach at the right timing. The queue to board the ship was a little longer - maybe about 15 minutes. Kids were all excited, it's hard for them to wait at this point of time, as the ship was right in front of their eyes! LOL

We boarded the ship finally - a brand new experience for the kids as the stairs was completely different from the airplane's and they find it fun and a little challenging. The crew greeted us warmly and when one of the crew saw that I was heavily pregnant, he even apologised for the wait.

As I will be going to Big Bad Wolf crazy book sale tomorrow, so I browsed through the shelves selectively. LOL We then headed to the activity area, which the kids enjoyed themselves so much.

We had ice creams and some drinks, hang around the ship while Sister Bear had body art done by the volunteer and we then made our way out. At the exit, we saw 2 volunteers were helping to carry an old lady in her wheel chair to board the ship. We were so touched to see the scene - Brother Bear even told them to be careful as the stairs was quite steep. The fun didn't end here - there were still plenty of fun after we came out from the ship.


As usual, kids will get their balloons and the volunteers did some street dance, etc... to entertain the visitors. We felt our goose bumps looking at the queue which was so long at all three stretches. The number of crowd has increased not sure by how many folds by now. We felt glad that we came at the right timing.

Note: written in October 2011


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