My Birth with Baby Bear - Part 1: Hypnobirthing
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

We attended Hypnobirthing class during my pregnancy with Baby Bear, as I thought I want to try a completely natural birth (read: free from drugs and medical intervention). I had vaginal birth with Brother Bear, but it was an induced labour, which I ended up with painkillers such as gas, pethidine and also epidural. By the time doctor informed me I was ready to push, I technically did not feel anything and I just did what the doctor and midwives told me to do. With Sister Bear, I had an elective caesarean because I had a low lying placenta. So with my 3rd pregnancy, I thought I want to experience a real natural birth. I would like to explore what my buddy, Wai Han, who is a Hypnobirthing practitioner always tells me that birthing is like a piece of cake and it can be completely painless. I want to prove if this works and I can then share my experience with my friends and clients. :)

Besides attending classes (total of 5 classes), I also connect with other moms who are also natural/gentle birth advocate. From the support group, I learn that homebirth is possible, as long as we have knowledge of how our body works during birth and it seems to be the only way (in Malaysia) to have a completely natural birth without medical intervention. There are lots of benefit of natural birth to mom and baby, which you can do your own research to make an informed decision on what is best for your baby and you or even your family. With me, I have opted for home birth and hypno birth, as I have read up on how hypnobirthed baby is more alert, more calm and healthier. Hypnobirthing emphasizes a lot on communicating with your unborn child during pregnancy and that contributes to a wonderful emotional health of your baby. Besides, receiving your newborn in the comfort of your own home is simply cool and amazing. I would love to have Brother Bear and Sister Bear around to witness the birth of their new sister. I always imagined that I would labour during midnight and the kids would wake up about 6.30am or so to witness the birth of their new sister. With homebirth, I do not have to worry about where and with whom to leave my kids with when my labour begins...

So this is how the decision made. Papa Bear is forever supportive, though he is very worried. I love you for this, darling! He will never say no to things I want to do, probably he knows that I'm strong-willed. Haha...

Anyhow, we will plan and God and our baby shall decide. I will write on the actual day soon and you will know how the timing was just perfect for us. Stay tuned... :)

A great bonus after I had successfully gone through a gentle labour and birth was that my darling daughter, Sister Bear, isn't afraid of childbirth anymore. She knew that labour and childbirth could be gentle, comfortable and even painless. :) I'm very happy and proud to be able to share with my daughters that childbirth isn't scary and it is a very beautiful moment for a mother.


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