My Birth with Baby Bear - Part 2: A Day Before
Thursday, April 17, 2014

I had been very active during my pregnancy with Baby Bear. I had 'brought' her to Kuantan and Johor Bahru to work a few times, that included staying up 3 full days for an expo in JB. We had family vacation to Penang, Bentong, Kelantan and some other places too. It was a great pregnancy and hubby made me felt loved all the time with the good food and rest. :) People around me were taking care of me so well too. I'm so blessed indeed.

Came the big day finally. On 24 November, my god sister and I went to Cheras for work and I bugged her to bring me to the Big Bad Wolf Aftermath Sale at Plaza South City after work. We were lucky that the security guard allowed us in without waiting for too long, seeing my 'popping anytime' belly. LOL We spent an hour shopping for books for our kids and while queueing, I chatted with a Caucasian lady in front of me. Her name is Hazel and she has 2 grown up kids. We were sharing excitedly about natural parenting, attachment parenting and breastfeeding. She then told me that tomorrow (25 November) was a good date according to numerology and a girl who was borne in the afternoon will be someone alert, happy and hardworking. She said she would think of me tomorrow and we said goodbye after we had done paying. I was quite excited and had been quietly whispering to Baby Bear asking her if she would like to come on tomorrow. LOL

I reached home about 6pm and Papa Bear told me that Brother Bear was a little feverish and that got me worried as Brother Bear hardly fell sick. I suddenly felt that my legs were tired and my whole body was aching. I thought to myself, oh no... I hope it would not be tomorrow, it seemed that we were not ready.

But things got better during bedtime that Brother Bear showed no sign of fever and I fed him and myself with vitamin C. I prayed to God and told Baby Bear too that if her brother got well by tomorrow, she could then come. :) I had severe sleep problem during my last trimester, that I usually fell asleep fast at 10.30pm and would wake up at 12.30am and stayed up till 3am feeling tired but could not sleep. But for this night, I slept through the night until 6.30am. I woke up having a minor stomach pain like having my menses. *ding-ding* :)


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