A Short Getaway to Ipoh, Perak - The Lost World of Tambun
Monday, April 21, 2014

We brought the kids to The Lost World of Tambun for a whole day of fun, before we headed back home. I booked the tickets online and the reception staff of our hotel helped us with printing out the invoice. It was a wise move to book the tickets online as we could collect the tickets right away upon arrival, no queue at the online ticket collection lane. We purchased the super saver package which was inclusive of entrance ticket to the Theme Park, paddle boat ride and fish food at Swan Lake and set lunch at Waves Restaurant. The package deal was good, as the set lunch provided was very delicious, which we ordered one set each of burger with fries, lasagne, nasi goreng kampung and chicken chop with black pepper sauce. The portion was generous. Oh yes, it came with free drinks too.

If you are planning for a trip here, I would suggest that you change to your swim attire even from home/hotel, as the changing area could get very crowded. You could then walk round with your swim attire and a pair of beach slippers, hop onto any rides along the way, say hello to the tigers, visit the farm animals, then soak into any stretch of the lazy river when the weather gets too hot.... Really, this will be the best arrangement that it keeps you fresh and energetic to go on for the whole day. No worries of food, as there are plenty of food stalls selling local dishes and delicacies at reasonable price. Well... reasonable for a tourist spot like this. :)

Studying the map to plan our routes - we started with jungle wave pool (all ages), kids explora bay (all ages and definitely toddler friendly), and then tube raiders (aged 5 and above I believe, depending on the kid's height).

When we got tired of soaking in the water, what about a merry-go-round ride? :)

After the roller coaster ride, let's hop onto the paddle boat. Let's paddle our boat and let's feed the fish while enjoying the stunning mountain views in this lost world.

The very friendly and chatty parrot at the petting zoo.

This is the opposite - it was very moody. LOL

The oldest tortoise, around 150 years old if I remember correctly.

Longkang fishing!

The Lost World of Tambun is really worth visiting, it is not as big as Sunway Lagoon in Selangor and Legoland in Johor, but it's good enough for a whole day of fun. You get the best or at least the small bites of everything from having fun rides in a theme park, patting of farm animals, feeding of tigers, paddling boat, sliding down the water slides, etc... Not to mention the tickets are very affordable compares to other theme parks. One thing worth mentioning is that it lives up to its name. You really feel that you are 'lost' in this small world while having great fun, being surrounded by natural mountains and forests. :)

I could not share more pictures as we did not take much pictures, since we were so busy with our lost world adventure. But you can always have a look at their official website. :)


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