Amazing Taiwan - Day 3 (Taipei Zoo-Mao Kong Gondola)
Friday, April 25, 2014

Our last visit to a zoo was one year ago when we were in Singapore and we had heard of so much of good reviews about Taipei Zoo, also known as "Muzha Zoo" (木柵動物園), which we decided to spend a day in the zoo. It was very windy when we arrived, but we enjoyed the cold weather very much.

Taipei Zoo is large (more than 165 hectares of combined space), clean and well-run. It is the leader in conservation, research, education and recreation, and also the largest zoo in Asia. The zoo is smoke free zone that smoking is strictly prohibited. The zoo has a few attractions such as Giant Panda House, Koala House, Penguin House, Asian Tropical Rainforest Area and Children's Zoo.

The Malayan Sun Bear headed to his slide (the red colour spot).

Koala, who was borne in Taipei Zoo.

The 'vain' gorilla who enjoyed getting our attention.

The friendly squirrel whom we met along the way. :)

Kids were shouting, "King Julian!" LOL

Animals in Taipei Zoo are very lively and well taken care of, kudos to the authority for doing a great job managing the zoo. If you are in Taipei and not sure where to bring the kiddos, I will recommend the zoo. But do bring some snacks or foods, as the only restaurant available in the zoo is Mcdonald. There were some stalls selling some light snacks, but which we did not check it out, as it was near the entrance. :)

We boarded the shuttle bus in the zoo which took us to Maokong Gondola (貓空纜車) sub station. The view from the gondola was beautiful, you can see the hidden greeneries of Taipei city.

Taipei City

The greeneries.

The atmospheric temple amidst the greeneries.

We walked to the eatery nearby after getting down from the gondola. Kids were hungry and we decided to have early dinner at 6.30pm. The eatery served local Taiwanese food at reasonable price. Generally, nothing is overpriced in Taiwan.

We boarded the gondola again after dinner. We had the opportunity to enjoy the night city view of Taipei. The iconic Taipei 101 was within sight too.

Taipei 101 from afar.

From Maokong gondola station, we walked to the MRT station which was about 5 minutes walking distance. It was our first MRT ride in 3 days. Kids were excited. We had a little problem studying the routes back to Ximending, but the locals were very helpful that they led us the way.

We had an early rest, as we would be leaving Taipei to head to Sun Moon Lake the next day!


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