Amazing Taiwan - Day 5 (Ji Ji Train Station-Cing Jing Veteran Farm)
Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Harbour Resort Hotel in Sun Moon Lake offered Chinese style breakfast and a small selection of continental breakfast. The breakfast spread was considered as okay for a small hotel in a small district. The kids could not eat much too, as they were excited to visit the sheep farm in Cingjing (清境). Our fault to break the news to them too early. Parents must remember to always break any exciting news or plans AFTER meals. :)

Cingjing Sheep Farm - kids had been talking about it way before we actually flew to Taiwan!

From Sun Moon Lake, our driver drove us to Jiji Train Station (集集火車站), which was about 40 minutes away. Built in 1933, the Jiji Train Station is an ancient train station identified for its cypress design. It is the landscape of the Jiji Township and also the most well known terminal station on the Jiji route; this station was destroyed in the 921 Earthquake but later reconstructed and restored to its original look.

Jiji Train Station - kids were not interested with this, as they could not wait to play with the sheep.

We did not spend much time here, as kids just could not wait to hit the sheep farm. We left after taking some photos and toilet break. Jiji is actually a lovely small town to explore. :)

The drive to Cingjing was a scenic one, thank God none of our kids suffered of motion sickness despite of the winding roads. Credit went to our very careful driver who drove very slowly, in order for us to enjoy the views too.

Beautiful Cingjing.

The moment we reached Cingjing Veteran Farm (清境農場), kids screamed in excitement the moment they saw the sheep from far. We told them that we had to eat our lunch first, so that we could have energy to play all day in the farm. We had some simple food at the food court near the entrance of the farm. Though simple, the food was delicious.

We spent the whole afternoon in the farm, by just chasing, feeding and patting the sheep. Sometimes the sheep would be after us too, especially if they saw their food in our hands. It was a sunny day with cool wind, what a perfect weather to be out in a farm. We walked around the farm being accompanied by the sheep, until it was time for them to return to their barn, getting ready for show time.

Sister Bear was chasing after the sheep.

The hilly farm.

The beautiful view of Cingjing from the farm.

The Sheep Castle.

More view of Cingjing, pic taken from the deck of the sheep castle.


Sister Bear's favorite sheep.

Brother Bear was curious to find out the gender of the sheep. LOL

The only Black Sheep.

The sheep was really friendly.

Horse riding activity was available too.

We left the farm around 5pm. We were among the last batch to leave. The driver was amazed at our energy and patience level. LOL

We checked into our lovely minsu, which I have shared more details in another entry here. Cingjing is a MUST DO attraction, especially if you are visiting Taiwan with young children. :)


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