Amazing Taiwan - Day 6 (Small Swiss Garden-Taichung)
Sunday, June 29, 2014

We departed to Small Swiss Garden (小瑞士花園) after breakfast at our minsu. The Small Swiss Garden is known as “Taiwan’s Little Switzerland” and “Paradise in the Mist”, because of its Northern European atmosphere. There were many colourful flower, red maples, and fairy-tale-like decors. The all-year-round perfect weather made strolling around the garden a very pleasant experience. Some of the beautiful pictures of this place which we love very much:

My 2 princesses.

Do you like this picture of us? :)

Brother Bear was feeding the ducks.

Me and Baby Bear. :)

We left Cingjing around 11.30am and arrived Taichung just in time for early lunch at the very popular Banana New Paradise Restaurant (香蕉新樂園). If you are in Taichung, we would highly recommend visiting this restaurant. It served delicious Chinese meals that all of us ordered extra rice. Besides serving good food, the restaurant is also popular for its 1900s-theme. It's a unique experience for all ages that we get to feel the era of our ancestors.

The old grocery shop.

Love the old decor.

The old phone booth.

After lunch, our driver drove us to Candy Wonderland, which was actually an exhibition of candies and chocolates in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs and even characters. It was not as fun as we expected, as we could only see, and there was no interactive activities. We thought there would be candy making show or some games for kids. We were fascinated by the creativity of these candies/chocolates makers though.

One of the pictures taken inside the hall.

Since we did not have much time to detour to other attractions, our driver suggested visiting the Science Centre, which we gladly agreed. It happened to be the family day of the primary schools in Taichung. The science centre was packed with people, but still comfortable enough for us to walk, as the Taiwanese were very organised and disciplined that all walkways were kept clear. The locals were very friendly that our kids were welcomed to join in any games they were conducting. But our kids were not well-versed in Mandarin yet, they could not understand most of the instructions spoken in perfect Mandarin. LOL So we just looked around. It was great fun nonetheless, observing how the parents and kids in Taiwan interact with each other.

The outdoor park of the science centre.

The children were doing free drawing.

Sister Bear liked this boy's drawing.

We bought the ticket for the 3D show. All of us enjoyed the show very much. Our driver picked us up at 5pm. We checked into another minsu, which was also pre-booked by our driver. It's located within the proximity of Feng Jia night market and university. The minsu was clean and nicely decorated. But I personally feel that it is not safe in case of fire or other emergencies. It is located at the first floor of a very old shophouse. All windows were covered by huge commercial signage. Space in the unit was fully utilised to make more rooms available for rent, leaving only reasonably sized walkway for the guests.

Feng Jia night market was extremely crowded. We braved through the night market with 3 kids, thanks to babywearing. We had ample of Taiwanese street food for dinner and we went to dreamland with super full stomach. :)


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