Amazing Taiwan - Day 8 (Wufenpu - Eye of Taipei Ferry Wheel)
Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Last day in Taiwan! Of course I would want to fill up the empty luggage bag I purposely brought over. Hahaha...

We headed to Wufenpu wholesale market (五分埔) after breakfast. We were early that most of the shops were not opened yet. So we hang around the playground nearby, let the kids had some fun before the shopping game began.

It was winter in Taiwan that most shops were selling winter wear, but it was not an issue at all for an experienced shopper like me who could accommodate any forms of shopping experience. LOL I managed to get a few summer skirts, dresses and blouses for myself and some tees for the kiddos. If you enjoy shopping, do drop by here, you will be spoilt by choices.

We then hired a taxi to Miramar (美麗華百樂園). Miramar is a shopping mall which houses cinema, specialty store, departmental store and also an entertainment park. This is where the remarkable Eye of Taipei is located at too. We had lunch at the food court, which served yummy food at reasonable price. The environment was clean and cozy. After lunch, we headed out to the shopping mall. Sister Bear and I got some new swimwear - bikinis for both of us. :) We then headed out to another part of the building for the Eye of Taipei ferry wheel ride.

Eye of Taipei

Looking out and down... wow...

As we had been to Mao Kong gondola on day 3, so the Eye of Taipei did not impress us much. Kids enjoyed the ride nonetheless. We spent some time at the indoor entertainment park and then went back into the mall to visit the supermarket. We would like to get the popular cooking ingredients such as sar char jiang and mar lak jiang. We also bought some local snacks as gifts for friends and families back home from the supermarket.

We reached back our hotel at 4.30pm, rested for awhile and headed out to Rao He night market (饒河街觀光夜市) for food. We prefer Rao He night market compares to Feng Jia night market. Rao He is in smaller scale, but it has everything you need to eat or buy and definitely less crowded.

We came with one big and one small full luggage and went back home with two big and one small super full luggage. Thank you Taiwan for your great hospitality. :)


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