Marvellous New Zealand - Day 3 (Rotorua)
Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our stay at George and Alan’s included a farm tour. Every morning at 7.30am, George and Alan would go around their farm, checking and feeding the animals, such as sheep, chicken, alpaca, cow, goat and also a pet pig. Unlike the day before, the weather was always on our side from our 3rd day onwards in New Zealand - beautiful sunny day throughout the 2 weeks trip, believe it not. Oh, we did experience another wet day while we were in Queenstown, but the kids were ok, as the wet day brought us snow. It was snowing on our 12th day in New Zealand. :)

Mini farm tour led by our host and hostess.

Sister Bear was taking picture of the sheep.

The chicken house. We had fresh eggs for breakfast.

The friendly goat.

The other part of the farm which is facing Lake Rotorua.

Brother Bear was admiring the furry cows. They looked like they were wearing a thick furry rugs on them.

Our kids enjoyed the little farm tour in George and Alan's private farm. They loved the furry cows, which we had only seen this breed in NZ and the pig. It was their first time seeing a real pig in action.

After the farm tour, George and Alan served us breakfast, which was sumptuous. They provided continental and cooked breakfast. George cooked the best scrambled eggs that Sister Bear ordered the same menu and double in quantity for the next day's breakfast. It was really great enjoying our super yummy breakfast in their beautiful house, overlooking Lake Rotorua.

Papa Bear likes this retro van a lot that he took quite a few selfies with it. LOL

George and Alan's beautiful home.

After breakfast, we hang around the garden, Brother Bear was busy chasing the chicken and playing with the friendly goat. Sister Bear was busy admiring the blossomed flowers and the lemon tree which was full of fruits. Baby Bear was busy running around. Papa Bear was busy setting up the tripod to take a good family picture. I was walking leisurely, watching everyone and enjoying life. Haha...

Overseeing the beautiful Lake Rotorua.

Lemon tree!

After photoshooting session, we took a rest in our rooms. We decided to go easy with the itinerary, as we were all still a little tired from the red eye flight, time difference and travelling. Kids played in their spacious room. Papa Bear and I managed to rest our tired mind and body, a complete off-load of all our work related issues.

After we had rested enough, we drove out to buy picnic lunch. We wanted to have picnic at the very popular Hamurana Springs. Hamurana Springs is the deepest natural fresh water springs on the North Island of New Zealand. People aren't exaggerating when they tell you that no visit to Rotorua is complete without a visit to Hamurana Springs and it's FREE. It offers a nice family oriented area with calming picnic spots in a picturesque setting. It passes as a wildlife sanctuary for birds too, it hosts herons, ducks, black teals, etc.. Do remember to bring some breads to feed these birds.

Someone was too tired after a whole morning of fun. :)

The springs water was crystal clear that we could see the bottom.

Papa Bear was babywearing Baby Bear using his new found love - Onya Baby SSC.

Kids were busy feeding the ducks and black teals together with their new friends.

The easy walk to the springs through the lovely redwood forest was truly magical - we felt as if we were walking in the Lord of the Ring movie scene. LOL We love Hamurana Springs so much that we decided to name it as one of the Highlights of our NZ holidays.

The easy walking trails for all ages.

The lovely redwoods forest.

The towering trees.

The picturesque springs.

After spending close to 2 hours at the springs, we moved on to our next destination - Kuirau Park at the city centre of Rotorua, to discover the steaming, hissing and bubbling geothermal activity. There were 2 foot pools which we did not try, as both were occupied by a big group of tourists. But it was fun strolling around the park, sniffing on the sulfur, haha... and not to mention the well equipped and super fun children playground.

The well equipped and super fun children playground at Kuirau Park.

The bubbling and steaming geothermal activity.

After Kuirau Park, we drove and stroll around Rotorua city centre, just to take pictures, relax and do nothing in particular. That's what holiday was all about, right? Oh wait, we did something in particular - smelling and sniffing on the strong sulfur smell. Haha... Papa Bear and Sister Bear disliked it, but the rest of us were ok and thought that was a unique smell.

Believe it not, we loved the Chinese food which we had for dinner last night so much, that we went back there again for the 2nd time. Hahaha...

The port which was near the Maori village.

Spotted this oldie. :)

Another playground which was carpeted with dry leaves.

Love this picture!

The building of Rotorua city council? If I remember correctly... :)

We went back to our B&B after dinner, packed up as we would be leaving Rotorua for Napier, via Taupo on the next day after breakfast.


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