Marvellous New Zealand - Day 7 (Kaikoura-Rangiora)
Friday, September 5, 2014

We woke up to a very beautiful sunny day in Kaikoura. Papa Bear prepared simple and yet yummy breakfast for everyone and I started packing all our stuffs again, as we would be leaving Kaikoura for Pete's Farm in Rangiora. Woohoo...

Kaikoura Cottages Motel has a nice playground for children. Brother Bear and Sister Bear enjoyed jumping on the trampoline very much. The sisters also enjoyed playing with the feather-like leaves too, pretending that to be many things according to their imagination.

The view from Kaikoura Cottages Motel.

Did you see the feather-like leaves? Sister Bear was the Cinderella and Baby Bear was the step mom, haha...

We had another round of family photo shooting before we left the motel. The motel has a nice lawn, with the picturesque snow capped mountains as its natural and free background for photo shooting. I will suggest anyone visiting New Zealand to bring a tripod, easier to snap couple or family pictures, you can take as many as you want, without worrying of troubling others and often you actually see no one to ask for a favour, especially when you are out of urban area. LOL

The peaceful and beautiful Kaikoura.

Horses, sheep and cows were easily spotted in NZ.

We drove around Kaikoura just to get the feel of how the locals live, just to see their houses, shops, farms, etc... Kaikoura is full of photo opportunities. Check out our photos below, which were taken at the lookout point of Kaikoura. Words could not describe its beauty.

None of our pictures actually did justice to the magnificent view of Kaikoura.

I was on top of the world. :)

One of the lovely family pictures we took using our faithful tripod.

After leaving the peak of Kaikoura, we continued driving around this beautiful seaside town. Kaikoura is one of the towns which I love very much while we were in NZ - it's a small, peaceful and beautiful town.

Our dream house. :D

Brother Bear was busy admiring and playing with them since the day before.

Spotted more seal. :)


Before we departed for Rangiora, we decided to have another round of cray fish and salmon, from the same stall, near Seal Colony. You won't miss this stall when you are in Kaikoura, as their small stall is parked just a few metres away from the Seal Colony.

Capture this in your mind, don't miss it when you are in Kaikoura. :)


Lunch was ready.

We still missed these up to today!

We left Kaikoura after lunch and kids were super excited, as we would be spending 2 nights at Pete's Farm, which is a working farm with lots of sheep and some beautiful alpacas. They however fell asleep during the car trip. We had a 'peaceful' drive without anyone asking us, 'are we there yet?". LOL

On the way to Rangiora/Christchurch.

We arrived at Pete's Farm around 4pm. Gaye, Pete's wife, came running to us. She showed us around our cottage which was simple, but VERY nice. It had everything we needed. We were again feeling grateful to have found this awesome place to have a good rest after 6 days of travelling. Our itinerary had been very well planned that we had 2 days rest in Rotorua soon upon arrival to New Zealand, before we started our long road trip and we now had another 2 days rest in Rangiora, before we continued our journey to the other side of South Island. This arrangement had proved to be easier for the kids, as well as the driver.

Pete's Farm! It should read Pete's Awesome Farm!

Well gated private farm.

Papa Bear enjoyed cooking for us from this small kitchen with peaceful views.

The spacious living area.

The dining area.

Kids room. Each bed came with electric blanket.

Awesome parents room.

Pete's Farm was truly awesome. Pete was a very gracious host. He was warm, friendly and helpful. We did not get to meet him on the first day of our arrival, but he was with us on the next day. Our kids enjoyed running around the farm, playing with the sheep and trying to make friend with some of them. Pete has a very nice playground for children as well, which includes the big trampoline, sand pits, and the special swings made from old tires.

The view of our simple cottage from the playground. Kids were free to roam freely in the well gated farm.

The girls loved the sand pits.

The unique swing made from old tyre.

They made friend very quickly with this sheep, it was the only sheep with black face. :)

Sunset at 6.30pm.

Papa Bear and I ended our night with our wine from Te Mata Winery.

We truly enjoyed the peacefulness and tranquility at Pete's Farm. If you are around Christchurch, do consider spending a night or two at Pete's, you won't regret it. Rangiora is about 40 minutes drive from Christchurch.


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