Marvellous New Zealand - Day 9 (Rangiora-Tekapo-Mount Cook)
Friday, October 3, 2014

It was difficult to say good bye to Pete, as we had super lovely time in his farm. Well, we had to continue our journey and we knew more excitements awaited us. We drove along the picturesque road heading to Tekapo. It was an easy drive with the usual New Zealand beauties - the greens, the rivers, the animals, the houses and everything. New Zealand spelled LOVE, enough said.

On the way to Tekapo from Rangiora.

Our eyes were feasting with the greens and the farm animals.

Beautiful houses along a river in a small town we passed by.

We arrived Tekapo around 1.30pm. We headed straight to the very popular The Church of The Good Shepherd. The church was built in 1935, as a place of worship for the pioneer families of the Mackenzie country. The church was located right at the lakeside of the very beautiful Lake Tekapo. We had a chance to peep through the altar window which offers awe inspiring views of the lake and mountains. It was an amazing experience, whispering a small prayer in God's house, looking at the awesome views, breathing in our love for each other, like we were saying the marriage vows again. Oh yes, the church holds many weddings and baptisms, we knew this, perhaps that was the reason we had that special feeling. :)

The Church of Good Shepherd, Tekapo.

The view through the altar window. It was a cold and misty winter. Lake Tekapo should be at its best during summer?

It began to drizzle and nothing much we could do at Tekapo, so we continued our journey to Lake Pukaki. It was a breathtaking 47km scenic drive all the way from Tekapo to Lake Pukaki. Lake Pukaki is a glacial lake that has become famous for its milky-blue colour and as foreground to Mount Cook. Words or pictures could not describe the beauty of the mesmerising blue of Lake Pukaki, especially for its length which joins up to the Mount Cook road, which is another breathtaking scenic drive. It was certainly an unforgettable experience for all of us. We could not stop saying wowwww.... and we made a few photo stops.

Lake Pukaki.

Lake Pukaki, all the way to the Mount Cook Road.

Picture taken in a moving vehicle. :) Still beautiful nonetheless! The blue water and the snow capped mountains.

The view along Mount Cook Road. It was an easy drive, don't worry. But do remember to fill up your fuel tank at Tekapo before heading to Mount Cook. :)

Another picture taken in a moving vehicle. Simply amazing!

We arrived our motel, Aoraki Mount Cook Alpine Lodge around 4.30pm. It was freezing cold at 4 degree Celsius. During check-in, we were told that it was low season, it was only us and another couple occupying the whole lodge, which we would have the common area and communal kitchen to ourselves. The lady at the counter showed us the map of Mount Cook Village and highlighted a few spots which still had some small patches of snow, as we told her that kids were so looking forward to see some fresh snow. So off we went doing snow hunting. Yes, we did find some small patches of snow as pictures below. Hehe...

YAY! Our first snow experience! LOL It was snowing 2 weeks before we were there. This was the leftover. :D

The Malaysian kids who had not seen snow before were excited. :)

Our family room was small (the smallest room we had in New Zealand, a real motel-sized room), but definitely good enough for one night stay, especially that we only used that for sleeping. We were however lucky to be there during low season that kids got to roam around the spacious common area freely. They had the TV to themselves and Papa Bear and I had the chance to sit back near the fireplace, enjoying our wine.

We had a good night rest, as we would have a long journey travelling to Te Anau, via Queenstown. :)


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