Marvellous New Zealand - Day 10 (Mount Cook-Wanaka-Queenstown-Te Anau)
Monday, October 20, 2014

After Napier-Hastings-Wellington, day 10 was another day which we had long travelling time in the car. It was a total of 7 hours of driving time. We woke up early, Papa Bear had cooked us very sumptuous breakfast and even cooked extra for lunch, in case we could not find time or place to stop by for a quick meal.

Our darling Papa Bear was cooking for us in the communal kitchen.

Brother Bear was busy jamming. :D

It was a cold and misty morning in Mount Cook Village. We left Mount Cook Village around 12pm, as we waited for the mist to clear away, so that we could take picture of Mount Cook! The sun was playing hide and seek with us. Just when we got the tripod and kids ready, it went back behind the cloud! It took almost 40 minutes for us to finally take some nice shots with Mount Cook in the background.

Mount Cook from the lodge.

A clearer shot. How we miss this place!

Hurry up, darling princess, the sun was out!

Love this moment!

Upon checking out, we walked over to the visitor centre which was just right across the lodge we stayed. We spent some time going through the interesting exhibits. We then drove around the village for more photo stops before we departed to Te Anau via Wanaka and Queenstown.

The sun went back hiding again!

Nice and cool weather.

It was one of the most memorable drive en route Mount Cook - Wanaka - Queenstown. The sceneries were magnificent. I could not stop taking pictures and we made a few photo stops.

The drive wasn't bored at all.

Our eyes were feasting.

The picturesque scenery along the way.

Oh yeah, I miss the drive so much!

Arriving Wanaka...

We arrived Puzzling World Wanaka at almost 2pm. It was also a foggy day in Wanaka. We let the kids play inside the very popular Puzzling World for awhile and went out to its beautiful lawn to take some pictures, then we left feeling hungry. :P

I love this picture of my cute Brother Bear. :)

Mummy was not too old to act silly yet. :P

We had no luck to admire the beautiful Lake Wanaka, as it was very foggy. But we had luck with our tastebuds. We spotted the signage of Red Stars Luxury Burger. It definitely lived up to its name, LUXURY, very luxury and yummy indeed. We still remember the satisfaction of eating it until today. It was the best New Zealand burger we had had.

We continued our journey to Queenstown. Guess what? As we were approaching Queenstown on the hilly terrain, we spotted fresh snow, lots of fresh snow. Kids screamed in excitement. Papa Bear pulled over at one of the rest areas. Kids ran to grab the snow and started throwing the snow at each other.

The rest stop approaching Queenstown. Another scenic drive.

Look at the look on Sister Bear's face. Priceless.

Err... Olaf?

Love my Sister Bear!!!

Thanks to the faithful tripod, we managed to take quite a lot of couple shots for this trip.

The snow stop took an hour, believe it not, as they had so much fun. Due to this, we had to travel in the dark to Te Anau and Sister Bear cried along the way, as it was EXTREMELY dark with no other vehicles on the road, as if we were travelling on a dead town. OK, sometimes there were one or two cars passing by. It was very foggy, Papa Bear had to drive very slowly and carefully.

We arrived Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park around 7.15pm. We stopped by the reception office to collect our keys and greeted by a lovely but chilly family suite. It's a budget lodge, hence the staff would not turn on the heater prior to arrival even though you had informed them of your arrival time. We were jumping around the room, as it was really freezing cold in there. Until we found out about the heating light in the bathroom, all of us squeezed into the reasonably sized bathroom to stand under the light, phew.... what a relief. :P

The small but well equipped kitchen.

The main area.

Kids room - the suite can sleep 6 persons.

Our family suite was very well equipped with kitchen utensils including a rice cooker. We prepared simple dishes for dinner and everyone took a good rest and went to bed early. Te Anau Top 10 Holiday Park was one of the highly rated Top 10 Holiday Park in New Zealand, which was true to its high ratings. Our suite was clean and had everything travellers need. I will highly recommend this place to friends who are travelling to Te Anau. :)


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