Marvellous New Zealand - Day 11 (Milford Sound)
Friday, October 24, 2014

Before our trip, Papa Bear and I were discussing over and over again if we should drive or we should engage a tour from Te Anau to visit the very popular Milford Sound, which was described as the 8th wonder of the world by the people. We never considered doing it from Queenstown as we thought that would be tiring for the children or even us. After reading more info, we decided to engage a tour from a local company in Te Anau called Fiordland Tour Te Anau. The reasons behind the decision were like, so that Papa Bear could take a break from driving and we were not sure if it would be snowing. Papa Bear had no experience in driving during winter, the road to Milford Sound is known to be winding. The decision had proven to be the best decision, as we really had fun enjoying the tour as a family when Papa Bear got to sit back and relax. :)

Here are some of our pictures taken during the day trip to Milford Sound. Enjoy!

Our first stop was the popular Mirror Lake.

As clear as mirror even though its surrounding was covered by fog.

New Zealand spelled love and nature = lots of exercise. :P

The spectacular view along the way to Milford Sound.

Mini jungle trekking. :)

Just like The Lord of The Ring scene. :P

Spectacular falls with played wonderful music for our ears.

Our comfortable tour bus.

The old campground.

The on site museum which was interesting.

Start of Homer Tunnel, the only way to Milford Sound in 1935.

Our morning break provided by Ray and Dave.

The beautiful river at the campground.



It was a sunny day. The rainbow spotted at the waterfall was amazingly beautiful.

Awesome cruise company with friendly staff. Mark the company name! :)

Had our self packed lunch in the ship.

Welcome aboard!

The last sight of MILFORD SOUND before we left.

Small boat wasn't choppier, as the water was very calm. :)

Another jungle trekking trip to visit another beautiful falls before we went back to Te Anau. Does this tree look like a big giant bear?

Papa Bear was scooping some spring water for all of us. It was sweet and refreshing.

If you are planning for a trip to Milford Sound during winter, I would advise to engage a tour. The road condition, though winding, but wasn't really challenging. Experienced drivers could manage it quite easily, but not when it was wet and icy. You may consider tour companies such as Fiordland Tour as mentioned above or a few others which were highly rated on Trip Advisor. We were glad to have chosen Fiordland as the service was truly awesome. Ray, the owner was helpful and Dave, our tour guide was truly awesome. He brought us to places which were not covered by other companies and our timing was always perfect that we always managed to avoid the big crowd from the big tour buses. He accompanied us and walked with us patiently to visit the waterfalls, etc... and even be our personal photographer. LOL

If you have any questions to ask me regarding Milford Sound, please feel free to leave me a comment, I'll try my best to answer. :)


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