Marvellous New Zealand - Day 13 (Queenstown)
Sunday, October 26, 2014

We had a good sleep at Fraser and Heather's beautiful home - Kemnay. We woke up feeling fresh and relax, as we knew we would be spending time only in Queenstown, there was no rush to keep up to schedule. We were reluctant to leave our beautiful 'home' in Queenstown as the view overlooking Lake Wakatipu was simply magnificent. How we wished we could spend more days in Queenstown.

A bathroom with a view. It looks like a beautifully framed picture.

More view from the bathroom and kids room.

How we wish we could stay here longer. :)

We went downstairs and were greeted by Fraser and Heather's warm smiles and wishes. Our breakfast was ready - continental and cooked. Brother Bear ate fruits like oranges, apples and bananas for breakfast as usual. Papa Bear and I ordered our favourite toasts to go with the locally produced butter which we loved very much. Fraser and Heather were still busy in the kitchen cooking us some eggs and hams, etc... We gave Kemnay 3 votes for the best hospitality, the best sleep and the best breakfast. Oh sorry, it should be 4 votes, another vote for the best view from the room we stayed. It's a 6 stars accommodation!

Fraser and Heather's living hall, which is overlooking Lake Wakatipu. :)

We took the opportunity to take more photos of Lake Wakatipu from Fraser and Heather's beautiful garden. The weather was so cool and nice, it complimented the beautiful scenery perfectly. It would be lovely to sit at the bench, have our glass of wine and just do nothing relaxing or maybe reading a good book.

Fraser and Heather's beautiful garden.

My love. :)

We drove out to do one of the must do attractions in Queenstown - Skyline gondola and luge which offers spectacular views over Queenstown. Papa Bear bought the family combo which included the gondola rides, 16 rounds of luge rides and 10 small bags of jelly bean. We took the gondola ride up and kids were excited to see the happy faces (adults and kids alike) coming out from the luge rides. So we put on our safety helmets which were available FOC for the riders and took the chairlifts up to another level, the starting point of luge ride for beginners. We were given an intensive riding course by the friendly crew. Sister Bear found it a little challenging as the brake system took a bit of effort for her little muscles to manage, but after a few practices, she was fine to go. Woohoo... off we went...

Baby Bear was ready to go on her first luge ride.

They enjoyed the ride.

My cute Sister Bear, so soft and yet so strong. She is the perfect girl.

The luge ride was very fun, especially when it was complimented by the spectacular view of Queenstown. All of us enjoyed the ride very much. Papa Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear had many rounds of the ride. Baby Bear refused to take the chairlift again, so I gladly stayed with her at the open area, helping the trio snapping their pictures. :)

The view from the chairlift.

Queenstown is just beautiful.

We had our simple lunch at the on site cafe which served lovely pizza, then it's the much awaited time for the kids to pick their jelly beans. They were very satisfied with their harvest, everyone was grinning from cheek to cheek. We left after taking more pictures as kids asked for another visit to Coronet Peak. Hehe... Yeah, name us the best parents in the world, we obliged. Snow play was very fun anyway and Coronet Peak offered a spectacular view of Queenstown in different frames and angles. :)


Simply magnificent.

The boys were enjoying the great scenery.

Which to pick?

The harvest.

The gondola ride.

We drove a round Queenstown a bit more after the snow play. We would love to come back here again on our next trip back to New Zealand. The kids were sad that it was about time to go home, 2 weeks flew by just like that.

Rolling snowman again.

She had got a huge snowball!

Hello Olaf!

Snow-minton with mommy.

We went back to Kemnay around 6pm in the evening. Fraser and Heather greeted us and chatted with us on our adventure. I asked for Fraser's permission to use his computer to do a web check-in for our flight back to Auckland tomorrow morning and Fraser was forever very helpful and kind to assist me with this.

The front view of Kemnay.

Can we live at the little white house, please? :)

The little si manja was tired.

We went out for dinner at the same Thai restaurant we had been to last night. Kids loved the food there very much. We strolled around Queenstown buying some souvenirs for friends and family members after dinner. Oh yes, the shops in Queenstwon open till late around 9pm, unlike other towns in New Zealand which mainly close at 5pm. Queenstown is a nice place to shop for souvenirs, especially if you want to get the sheep soft toys, which come in a variety of designs for only NZD10 each.


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