Marvellous New Zealand - Day 14 & 15 (Queenstown-Auckland-Kuala Lumpur)
Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We woke up early as we had to catch the 9.30am flight back to Auckland, it was almost the end of our marvellous New Zealand holidays. Papa Bear read from the news that Auckland was hit by rough storm and heavy rain for the past few days. In fact, when we turned on the morning news, we saw fallen trees on the road and the rescuers were in rain coats managing the after effect of the bad weather. We were worried and we prayed for our safe flight back to Auckland and hoped for a better weather. I emailed our B&B host in Auckland informing her of our arrival and that we might need to check in earlier if it was still raining in Auckland. She had graciously agreed. Well, at least we had got a place to rest.

Fraser and Heather were both awake waiting for us when we went downstairs at 6.30am and our breakfast was READY! We were so touched. We had told Fraser and Heather that we would do fine with just some biscuits and hot drinks for breakfast. But Fraser and Heather would not allow that to happen in their home to their guests. We had another round of sumptuous breakfast and we chatted with them a bit, it was then time to say goodbye. :)

Queenstown Airport

We dropped our car to Apex office, with a heavy heart, haha... Apex staff then dropped us to Queenstown Airport. Check in was smooth and we boarded the plane shortly. All of us slept through the flight. Imagined how tired we were after a 2 weeks road trip, though we tried to sleep early each night. We touched down Auckland Airport safely. Guess what? We were greeted by beautiful sunshine as we stepped out of Auckland Airport. We were excited and feeling grateful that we were blessed with another beautiful day in New Zealand. Apex staff came to pick us up, so that we could collect our another rental car, which was a Toyota Camry. We did not book the MPV this time, since it was only for one day, and it would be used only within Auckland.

We drove around hunting for a place for simple lunch. We spotted Clover Kitchen Chinese Fast Food Restaurant. We decided to give it a try. Oh wow, the food was excellent. The fast food restaurant was owned and run by a couple from Shenzhen, China. Their food was very good that we later went back to pack more dishes for dinner. We chatted with the friendly owners on their life in New Zealand and they told us how lucky we were to arrive Auckland on that day, that the storm and rain were over. They also jokingly said that we had brought the sun with us. Haha...

We headed to Cornwall Park after lunch. Boy, we were so glad to finally have the opportunity to come here. It's a MUST do place in Auckland. Cornwall Park is a very huge and beautiful park in the central of Auckland. It has beautiful greeneries and old trees. It has farm animals like cows, sheep, chickens, etc... It has a super duper fun playground for the kids as well. We spent the whole afternoon here. Thanks to the nice weather, all of us had a great time at Cornwall Park.

Kids were excited to see this beautiful green after many days of blue water and white snow capped mountains in the South Island.

Beautiful Cornwall Park.

Brother Bear's favourite part - farm animals.


Papa Bear was resting while the girls were playing masak-masak.

Brother Bear was resting at his own 'treehouse'.

Studying Cornwall Park's map.

More farm animals.

Feeding the sheep.


Kids loved this the most.


Our B&B was very nice and cosy. It was a 2 bedroom house owned by a doctor and her husband. We had the whole place to ourselves. Aimee, the beautiful host had left us ample of breakfast supplies, fruits and coffees. Aimee's awesome place and her hospitality had put a nice ending to our marvellous New Zealand holidays. We had a good sleep and woke up feeling fresh the next morning. Our flight home was in the afternoon, so we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at Aimee's place, before we proceeded to return the car and check in for the flight home.

Aimee's beautiful home - our last home in NZ.

Spacious living area.

Lovely bathroom filled with nice toiletries.

The main room.

We miss the road trip so much. Thank you New Zealand, we will be back again one day. :)


Jenny Saturday 30 January, 2016
WOW! very nice place!
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