Hyatt Regency Beachfront Resort, Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan
Monday, May 4, 2015

Teluk Cempedak is great for families with young children.

Hyatt Regency Beachfront Resort in Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan is the resort which we will visit at least once or sometimes twice a year, because of my work. I'll usually choose to visit over the long weekends or during school holidays, so that the whole family can tag along. All of us love Hyatt in Kuantan so much, as it's situated right in front of the very famous, serene and delightful beach of Teluk Cempedak.

The white sandy beach.

You are set to spend a day by the beach with a good book and a few glassed of chilled juice.

Teluk Cempedak beach is famous for its white sandy beach and the beautiful casuarinas and pine trees which line the coast, with some rocky promontories facing the incessant waves of the South China Sea. You can see the boats of the fishermen during the day and the twinkling lights of the light house and the boats at night. All these make the beach serene and at the same time delightful. We love to stroll along the beach, barefooted, in the morning and also at night.

Kids love it that they could just run from our hotel room to hit the beach.

We love to stroll along the beach at night too, the sound of waves is music to our hearts and ears.

Staff in Hyatt Kuantan are very friendly and nothing is too much trouble. The hotel has 2 main pools, one is meant more for the families, with shallow area and toddler pool and another one is mainly for good swimmers. What our kids love most is to have their lunch at the swim up bar, after hours of swim and water play. Food in Hyatt Kuantan is above average, they have a team of good chefs on board and we know a few of them have been with Hyatt Kuantan for a few years. Papa Bear and I love to eat in whenever we are here, as we love the atmosphere of the Kampung Terrace Restaurant so much. Enjoying your meal in the midst of the cool windy sea breeze and greeneries, what more can city folks ask for? :)

Nothing fancy about the pools and that does not stop the fun. Our kids love to spend time here.

The view from the pool area.

If you are visiting with young children and intend to swim or engage in water sports like canoeing (available in the hotel/RM40 per hour), the best time to visit will be in the middle of the year, when the weather will be just right - sunny and windy. The waves were very calm when we were there over the Labour Day's long weekend, which made it safe for children.

The canoes are available for rental from the hotel.

The beautiful princess.

The rooms in Hyatt Kuantan, hmm, are obviously a little aged and tired, but thankfully all units we stay in so far are clean. The bed and pillows are always awesome to sleep in and we always book the sea view rooms, as it's simply awesome to wake up to the beautiful sunrise and the sound of ocean waves! One thing we like about Hyatt Kuantan is that they are very flexible in the number of persons per room. We used to book only one room with king size bed, which we would ask for a complimentary roll-away single bed. But as the kids grow, it's not comfortable anymore to squeeze into one room and 2 beds. So we have to now settle for 2 rooms and we will always make sure the 2 rooms are connecting. Anyway, the goods news which we just heard from the staff is that the management has the plan to renovate and upgrade the room fittings and I quietly hope that pricing will not be 'upgraded' as well. :)

We love the hotel setting. :)

We love the ground floor room with pool and beach access the most! :)

So if you are looking for a short getaway from the busy Kuala Lumpur, why not consider Hyatt Regency Resort in Kuantan? It's an easy 3 hours drive from KL, with lots of greeneries along the highway. You can stop by the very popular Bentong or Genting Sempah for lunch or dinner too, there are plentiful of good food around these 2 areas.

You can easily spend a lovely 3 days 2 nights in Kuantan. The Kuantan folks are very friendly, they love families with kids. There's a mini zoo and playground in Teluk Cempedak, not too far from Hyatt Kuantan. There are ample of good restaurants around too, my favourite will be the Kemaman Kopitiam (halal) which is opposite Berjaya Mall. Oh in case you need any necessities for the little ones, Fabulous Mom has an outlet here as well, it's the same row with Kemaman Kopitiam, but the other corner, just above Hyundai. :)


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