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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Every visitors will receive a welcome gift from Hard Rock Bali, which is a large printed out picture of you and your family or friends. :)

There are many awesome accommodations in Bali in areas like Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua, just to name a few. I'm open to staying a few nights at any of these areas as long as the price per night for our family of 5 is below RM700, the resort is clean with at least 4.5 stars reviews from Trip Advisor and it's fun for the kiddos, as we just want to relax while our kiddos have lots of fun. I decided on Hard Rock Hotel Bali, as the price, reviews and pictures from fellow travellers had shown that the property met all the criteria. We weren't disappointed, as we had a lovely stay at Hard Rock Hotel Bali. Come, let me take you for a virtual tour of Hard Rock Hotel Bali through my pictures! :)

Our deluxe room which came with 2 real queen size beds, hence it's good enough for our family of 5 with 2 adults, 2 kids and 1 toddler. The price was around RM620 per night, inclusive of tax.

The Balinese style bathroom door. The bathroom is small, but clean and we had no complaint. :)

The grand Balinese entrance to the super fun pool area

Kids loved the slides, as they could compete with their friends on who hit the water first!

A gentler slide, suitable for toddlers.

You can have a game of volleyball here. The building seen is Hard Rock Cafe.

Kids love the manmade sandy beach the most. The crew will organise some beach games on every evening.

Adult pool for experienced swimmers.

The large family pool with beautiful cabanas.

Water basketball, anyone? :)

The giant ball activity. You have to book early, as they limit to only a very few slots per day.

The water park which a lot of families love, as there are plenty of places for parents to hang around comfortably while watching our kids.

The cabana which cost Rupiah 500,000 a day. Our 'home' during the day. Huhuhu... As kids had so much fun and they wouldn't want to go back to our air-conditioned room! :)

Good thing is we could order food and drinks and they would bring over to our cabana. :)

Cooking class for the kids.

Kuta Beach is right across the street from Hard Rock Hotel Bali. Not the cleanest in Bali (compares to Nusa Dua Beach) but OK. :)

So, are you tempted to book your flight tickets to Bali now? :)

We made our reservation through Hard Rock Hotel Bali's website directly. It's cheaper and we received complimentary one way airport transfer for a minimum of 3 nights stay, welcome drinks and some discount vouchers to be used within the resort.

There's a local food court within walking distance which served excellent grilled fish and some other local dishes. All in all, we were happy with our short stay. :)


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