Our Holiday in Hanoi, Vietnam - Part 2
Saturday, April 12, 2014

We strolled around Hoan Kiem lake which is 5 minutes drive from Melia Hotel (taxi fare was cheap, which was around 15,000 Vietnamese Dong = around RM3.60) to see Hanoi city life. Hoan Kiem lake is located right in the heart of the downtown of Hanoi.

Ngoc Son Temple is founded in 18th century and is located on an island in the northern part of Hoan Kiem lake. It is surrounded by water and shaded tress. It's a peaceful spot to rest while enjoying the beautiful scenes. The temple is reached via the red 'Rising Sun' bridge. The temple is dedicated to the national hero Tran Hung Dao who defeated the moguls in the 13th century.

Vietnamese is the official language. English, French and Chinese are spoken (very) occasionally. It's a MUST to bring along a map when hiring a taxi. We were very surprised that most taxi drivers do not speak English, even some simple words. We have to arm ourselves with basic Vietnamese words and a map, so that we can show them our desired location. Most restaurant workers do not speak English too, however most menus have English written under each Vietnamese words, so we can still order some food. Vietnamese food is in a way quite similar to our Chinese or Thai food but with their own style, which is a great dining experience. Most staff in the hotels speak fair/fluent English.

Name of one of the restaurant in Hanoi. It sounds like Bo Pien (no choice) in Hokkien. :)

Some of the important words/phrases we must know when visiting Vietnam:

Please - xin - pronounced as (p.a.) seen
Thank you - cam on - p.a. cahm un
Hello - xin chao - p.a. seen chow
Goodbye - tam biet -p.a. tum bee-et
Sorry - xin loi - p.a. seen loy
Yes - vang - p.a. vung
No - khong - p.a. khom
I want to buy - toi muon mua - p.a. toy moon mooa
How much? - bao nhieu? - p.a. bow nyew?
Expensive - dat - p.a. dut
Cheap - re - ze
We want to go - chung toi muon di - p.a. chum toy moon dee
Where is it? - o dau - p.a. er dow
Hotel - khach san - p.a. khack san
Restaurant - nha hang - p.a. nya hang
Toilet - (nha) ve sinh - p.a. (nya) ver sing
Bottled water - nuoc khoang - p.a. nook kwang
Boiled water - nuoc soi - p.a. nook soy
Tea - che - p.a. chair
Coffee - ca phe - cah-feh
Hot - nong - p.a. nom
Cold - lanh - p.a. lang
Good - tot - p.a. tote
Bad - khong tot - p.a. khom tote


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