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Hi, I’m Vivian.  My husband and I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  We have 3 beautiful children, which in this blog, I nickname them as Brother Bear, Sister Bear and Baby Bear. 

Originally, this is a travelogue to document what we have done and gone through as a family during our travels, something for all of us to remember and to cherish forever. It's also to share our experiences with others, especially families with young kids, as we ourselves rely a lot on real tips from other bloggers or parents when we plan for our trips. We hope this will help you in your planning and enhance your travel experience.

You may be wondering if travelling is feasible when it involves young children.  The answer is certainly YES!   The world is the best classroom and travel is the best education.

Kids learn to be flexible, know that we can plan, but things don't always go as planned, such as delayed flights, bad weather, crowded trains or even sold-out food. It gives us the opportunity to teach them some life and problem solving skills.

Kids will also learn that there's a world exists out there with different cultures, different languages, different lifestyles, different food and different currency. It also teaches them respect. My young travelers touched my heart when they accommodated the natural toilets and lack of facilities when we were in some rural areas in China, Australia and New Zealand. 

In return, our kids teach us to be a traveler and not a tourist. As we let the kids decide what and how much we crammed into a day. There were many days when we went to a park, a local supermarket, a beach or a cafe instead of the must-see tourist spots. The kids have ‘slowed us down’ and ‘widened our eyes and hearts’ that Papa Bear and I get to observe and understand more of the life of the locals and truly enjoy our holidays! 

When our family travels, we return home with more than souvenirs and photos. Exhilarated by our adventures together, we feel closer and stronger as a family. Travel allows families to connect in ways not always possible at home, where busy daily routines dominate our lives.

You really don’t have to wait till your kids are bigger to start a new adventure.  You can start with somewhere near like a road trip within your own country or a short flight out to your neighboring country.   You may drop me a message if you need some advices or tips or just some words of encouragement.  Let me know how it goes if you eventually go for one! 

Oh yes, you may have noticed that the blog has now evolved to a more MOM's site, as I realise there are so much more things about parenthood which I wish to share with other parents. So here you go, my new humble blog - VivianFoo.com.  I hope you enjoy reading my blog, as much as I enjoy writing them.  :) 


Welcome to my blog! It was a travelogue to document all our travels with our 3 beautiful kids (Brother Bear, Sister Bear and Baby Bear).  Papa Bear and I love travelling.

Having kids does not stop us from doing so, as when we travel as a family, we gain more and together we make sweet memories to be cherished forever.

Oh yes, the blog has now evolved to a more MOM's site, as I realise there are so much more things about parenthood which I wish to share with other parents. So here you go, my humble blog - VivianFoo.com :) 

Why being just a mom is just AMAZING?

Because mom is a title just above QUEEN. :)

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